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ROCK OF SALVATION (Emmerich 2002) TET 20199 (Lifting Me Higher x Shimmering Elegance) 18, M, Sev, 6- to 7, fragrant, EMO, 2-way branching with 15-25 buds (but most scapes are closer to 15). Reblooms in the greenhouse. Clear smoky rose violet (a few shades lighter on hot days) with a large throat that carries its pattern onto the sepals. Creamy halo and ruffles; olive to lime throat. Very puffy, impressive, tough flower with incredible substance. Early, reliable opener even on cold nights. Great breeder for large, thick, puffy flowers that are hardy in zone 4. Pollen works great, but almost impossible to set pods with viable seeds.

ROCK OF SALVATION seedlings pictured on the website include 6302, 6402, 8102, 12402, 30102, 54502, 7203, 21503 and A80.