INTELLIGENT DESIGN (Emmerich 2003) TET 0600 (Mask of Eternity x Ancient Reflections) 34-37, EM, Sev (but can act as a Dormant in MN), Re, 6-7, EMO, 3-4 way branching with 2-3 laterals and an average budcount of 15 in MN. Outstanding performer from MN to Alabama. Stately, impressive clump. Strongly (and instantly) recurrent 2 sets of rebloom scapes this year at Springwood, resulting in bloom from July 1 until the end of August! (although this was a better than normal year for rebloom). Opens long before any normal person gets up, so needs some afternoon shade to keep it from fading by evening. Pink lavender (lighter than the picture) with a feathered merlot patterned eye. Large green throat extending onto the sepals. Fertile both ways. Super parent for patterned eyes with good scapes and rebloom.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN seedlings pictured on the website include 6902, 20602, 9703 and P01.