TIM KORNDER (Emmerich 2003) TET 8599 (Seminole Wind x Senegal) 28, M, Dormant, Re, 6, strong scapes when established with 5-6 way branching including 2-3 strong laterals and 17-30 buds. Very, very fragrant (smells like a gardenia). Opens well and holds well in the sun. Great foliage. Very hardy. Needs cold winters to multiply and branch well, so probably not a plant for zone 9. Rich rose coral (but not as bright as pictured) with a ruffled edge, watermark, faint white midribs, and yellow to green throat. Named for a nurseryman friend who has provided invaluable advice and who is totally taken by the color of this flower. Fertile both ways.

TIM KORNDER seedlings pictured on the website include H259, 47302, 54502, 7903 and 20003.