WAY OF LIFE (Emmerich 2003) TET 17100 ((Regal Majesty x Lifting Me Higher) x Tet Lavender Blue Baby) 26”, M, Sev, Re, 5-6”, 3 way branching with average budcount of 15. Clear purple with a green throat and a violet lavender eye and edge (the color combination gives a slate blue effect). The eye and triple edge are very subtle and will not be appreciated in the bright sun. Sometimes not as ruffled as in the picture. Because this flower will not show well in the average garden, it is being recommended primarily for hybridizers looking for something which breeds clear colors and ruffles and has the power of Tet Lavender Blue Baby in a hardy plant that’s an outstanding parent, is fertile both ways, multiples well and costs a lot less. See website for seedlings.

WAY OF LIFE breeds very interesting seedlings. Several are pictured on the website (see 1999-2002 GREENHOUSE SEEDLINGS section for 13702, 16502, 28202, 31602 and P310 and 2003 GREENHOUSE SEEDLINGS section for 5703, 9803, 12403, 19103, 22303 and A247).