LOAVES AND FISHES TET 53002 [Blackthorne x {(Mask of Eternity x (Seedling x Awesome Blossom)}] 36, EM, Sev, Re, fr, 6, 3-way branching with 2 laterals near the top of the scape and up to 20 buds with an average of 15. EMO. Dark pink lavender violet with veining, dark merlot eye, and green throat with red feathers and sparkles. The color in these pictures is not as accurate as Id like the clump picture comes closest. A VERY rapid increaser (from 1 to 40 fans outside in 3 years) making a huge, impressive clump. Some Minnesota rebloom. Shiny green foliage (foliage damage on the pictured clump is from fertilizer burn). Holds well for a darker flower. Pollen looks good; didnt take notes on pod fertility.