MYSTERIOUS WAYS TET 5800 {(Regal Majesty x (Lifting Me Higher x Shaka Zulu)} 36, M, Sev, Re, fr, 7, 4-way branching (2 laterals plus V) with an average of 20 buds. Violet lavender with pale lavender watermark etched in darker lavender; bubbled and ruffled pale lavender edge on both petals and sepals; yellow green throat. Color changes a lot, depending on the temperature from very dark grape to many shades lighter. Holds color all day in the sun. Although hardy at Springwood, it performs much better at our garden in the city, so recommend growing it in a more protected spot in colder areas of Zone 4. Minnesota rebloomer. Opens well, but a bit slow after cold nights. Super parent for exotic forms with edges. Very fertile pollen; almost impossible to set pods on it.

MYSTERIOUS WAYS seedlings pictured on the website include 58802 and 60502. (Note: second picture is what MYSTERIOUS WAYS looks like when grown in the greenhouse)