PEACE BEYOND UNDERSTANDING TET 57902 {(First Knight x (Ed Brown x Tet Siloam Ralph Henry)} 32”, M, Sev, Re, fr, 5”, consistent 4-way branching with 3 well-placed laterals that arch out so blooms don’t open on top of each other; average budcount of 20. Pale yellow with pale pink blush and pale pink midribs and sepals; darker yellow eye and edge; green throat. Consistent blooms. Some sculpting and delicate ruffling. Strong grower. Yellows just don’t “talk” to me the way purples do. I confess that I have a hard time telling them apart, so to me this was just another pretty yellow. However, when Larry Grace saw it this past summer, he noted that it had one of the most perfect scapes he’d ever seen (height, perfectly spaced laterals and budcount) and with its parentage it should be a great breeder for a lot of colors. To this renowned yellow breeder, it was indeed distinctive and very special (and he bought it) - hence the price. Fertile both ways.