FEAR NOT TET 47302 (Tim Kornder x Reason for Treason), 26”, M, Dor (goes completely under), Re (but not in MN), very fragrant like its pod parent, 5-6” blooms (avg 5”), 5-way branching (3 laterals plus a V on top) with an average of 25 buds (22-30). Clear, bright, saturated, round Chinese red with a big green throat. Pale red watermark and pale red edge with gold filigree. One of the most consistent bloomers I’ve seen in terms of size and form from the first flower on the scape to the last). Great substance that holds well in sun and wind – looks good early AM and late PM. Easy opener. Vertical foliage that’s pretty all season. Blooms hover above foliage and almost never show damage from dew or thrips. The most admired plant in the garden by hybridizers and other guests – almost everyone who has seen it has asked me to reserve it for them. Featured on the summer 2005 cover of the Region 1 Pioneer. Performs well in the greenhouse (although lower budcount and branching) so I believe this is a dormant which will grow almost anywhere. Very hardy. Very fertile both ways. Offspring are largely dormant with beautiful clear color.

FEAR NOT seedlings ((click on link to see them pictured together)) pictured on the website include 0605, 4805, 4905, 5705 and 7505 in the 2005 Greenhouse Seedlings section.