BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY    TET P1167 (Sabine Baur x Tet Lavender Blue Baby), 30, M, Dor, consistent instant MN rebloom on most scapes, fr, 5 . Mixed scapes with average of 3-way branching (1 lateral plus V) with 15 buds (range of 10-25) in a large crowded clump; 4-way (2 laterals plus V) and 20 buds (range of 15-25) when less crowded; 2-way and 10 buds in wretched winter of 2004-2005. Light purplish pink with merlot wine eye and edge with a gold filigree; twinkle midribs; green throat; thick substance; consistent blooms; no spotting even on rainy nights; large fans. Grows very quickly into a large, showy clump with a long bloom season. Fertile both ways