KING OF THE AGES    TET 55902 {Light of the World x (Only Believe x Uppermost Edge)}, 38”, M, Sev, EMO, fr, 6 ½”, consistent 4-way branching (2 lats plus V), 20 buds. Clear ivory pink peach apricot (darker apricot on cool nights) with ivory pink midribs; burgundy eye and edge with gold ruffles; yellow to green throat. Not just another eyed daylily! It’s majestic and tall – a surprise given its breeding. Strong scapes; good increaser; great foliage all season; re-establishes quickly after dividing. Trust me – you will love this one! (Please note: scape is large so in year one with one fan the scape may lean a bit – not a problem once it’s established with 2 or more fans.) Kids are tall and well-branched with showy eyes. Fertile both ways but more difficult than average pod-setter. Click on this link to see some of its offspring