MOSES IN THE BULRUSHES    TET 49602 [{(Only Believe x Uppermost Edge) x {(Pirates Lady x sdlg) x Mardi Gras Ball}], 20 (21 in Alabama, 16-22 in MN), ML, Sev, fr, 6, some instant Re in MN and at least 3x in Alabama, EMO, 2-way branching with 14 buds. Lavender pink peach with burgundy plus violet purple feathered eye and edge with gold ruffles and bubbles; yellow to green throat. Showy and a good plant in Montgomery, Alabama with constant instant rebloom; flowers float above the foliage on initial bloom and well above on rebloom. In Minnesota, the foliage often grows vertically like an iris to 30, so with a 20 scape, its not a pretty picture. Although very hardy, because of its considerable flaws in Minnesota it is NOT RECOMMENDED as a garden flower for the north (and Im not sure where that line ends between here and Alabama) or for hybridizers who dont have the perfect match for it. Im introducing it because it does well in the south and is much in demand as a hybridizing plant. Some very dramatic seedlings, especially when put with colors other than yellow or cream (most of those are boring), but so far most have been on the shorter side. Fertile both ways; pods a bit harder than average and with relatively few seeds. Click on this link to see some of its offspring