STORM SHELTER    TET 13002 {(Mask of Eternity x Eyes on the Prize) x Tet Dragon’s Eye}, 24”, M, Dor (as best as I can tell and pretty foliage in spring), Re (but not MN), fr, EMO, 5-6” blooms (avg 5”)”, mixed scapes with average of 3 way branching (1 lateral plus V with range of 2-5 way; 2 laterals plus V in GH which is what I’d guess it will be going south); 15 buds (range of 10-22; higher in GH; lower budcount and shorter in one bad winter). Round, clear light purplish pink with merlot eye and edge trimmed in white; twinkle midribs; green throat with feathers. Very hardy and long season of bloom. A really beautiful flower and a terrific parent – click on this link to see some of its offspring. Fertile both ways