ENTWINED IN THE VINE    TET 17003 (Destined to See x Julie Newmar), 32”, M to EM, Ev, fr, EMO, Re (but not MN), 8” (with range of 7”-9”; 7” in drought year), avg 2-way branching (sometimes 3; 3-4 way in the GH) with 15 buds (range of 8-23). Lavender pink with multi-colored patterned lavender violet eye and edge trimmed in ivory gold and often sharks; yellow to green throat. Not officially registered as an unusual form, but usually a curled or pinched crispate. This flower attracted crowds at the national convention. It has many looks – pictured on a somewhat cooler day than at the national and in the GH. An AMAZING BREEDER for patterns (try it with INTELLIGENT DESIGN) and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Although an Ev, hardy in MN; not pretty in the spring - don’t worry. Tested for 2 years by Margo Reed and Jim Murphy who like it a lot. They report that it gets hit very hard at their place by late frosts but easily bounces back 100%. Very fertile pollen; difficult pod parent most years. Click on this link to see some of its offspring.