SECRET OF CONTENTMENT    TET 31002 {(Lifting Me Higher x Absolute Treasure) x (Senegal x JT Davis)}, 30”, late-mid, Sev, 6-6-1/2”, Re (but not MN), mixed scapes with average 3-way branching (1 lat plus V) and 18 buds (range of 14-24). Pink lavender with lighter pink lavender sepals; dark lavender band; small lavender and larger yellow ivory edge; yellow to green throat. Very very ruffled (see GH picture on inside front cover), but almost always opens well. Very hardy and nice spring foliage. Emerges very late - don’t worry – just leave it alone – it seems to know not to poke its head out until the last frosts are gone. Below average increaser. Starts blooming here in early August, as do most of its kids, so a real season extender for the garden. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a hybridizing flower - a BREAKTHROUGH PARENT for extravagant ruffling in northern hardy kids with good scapes – see website for other pictures of it and its many kids, which are usually in the 6-7” range with good color (e.g. put it with Heartbeat of Heaven and its kids to get good opening in very fancy, loopy flowers with good color). Its descendents are among my most heavily used parents. It has some blotchy days and isn’t the strong clear color I like to introduce, so recommended for hybridizers only. No idea where the eye came from in its breeding, but has meant it can easily be bred with eyes (see CREATION REJOICES). Fertile both ways, but pods don’t usually carry a large number of seeds. Click on this link to see some of its offspring.