DESIRE OF NATIONS    TET 39104 [{(sdlg x Fortune’s Dearest) x Tet Lavender Blue Baby} x Heartbeat of Heaven sibling] x {(Regal Majesty x Clothed in Glory) x Heartbeat of Heaven}, 24”, MLa, Ev (as best as I can tell), instant MN rebloom on all scapes each yr, fr, 5-1/2 inches (range of 5-6”), 3-way branching with either I lat plus V or a W, 21 buds (range of 15-28). Stunningly beautiful grape cranberry with frosted blue lavender eye and triple edge of dark lavender/lavender/ivory gold filigree; yellow/green throat. Very good opener but not an EMO. Very distinctive and one of the most consistently beautiful flowers I have ever seen. Very hardy, consistent performer, almost flawless, blooms for weeks (starts late July/early August and blooms into September). Pictured at its best. Fertile both ways. Outstanding parent for frosty blue lavender eyes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! for both garden presence and hybridizing power. Click on this link to see some of its offspring