FOUNTAIN OF LIFE    TET 8903 [(Regal Majesty x Clothed in Glory) x {(sdlg x Tet Lavender Blue Baby) x Heartbeat of Heaven]}, 28, M, Sev, instant Minnesota rebloom on all scapes, fr, 5-1/2, 3-4 way branching with either 1 lat + V, 2 lat + V, or 1 lat + W (up to 6 way with 4 lats in the GH); 17 buds (range of 12-29). Dark pink lavender with gray lavender eye; gray lavender edge with ivory ruffles trimmed in gold; yellow to lime green throat. OUTSTANDING PARENT (see pictures of kids on the website) and a beautiful garden flower. Fertile both ways. Click on this link to see some of its offspring