CUP OF COLD WATER     TET 54304/74304 {(Regal Majesty x Clothed in Glory) x Remembering Joan} x [{(Shaka Zulu sdlg x Rock of Salvation) x JT Davis} x Heartbeat of Heaven], 30, MLa, Sev, good opener but not EMO, fr, MN instant rebloom on most scapes (blooms well into Spetember), 6-1/2(range of 6-7), consistent 4-way branching with 2 well-spaced laterals plus a V, 26 buds. Veined dark pink lavender (more violet when colder); pale lavender eye; dark lav+light lav+ivory edge; y/gr throat. No blotches. Super grower with beautiful plant habit and great foliage. Fertile both ways.