FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT     TET 24903 [(Dixie Rhythm x Tet Lavender Blue Baby) x{(sdlg x Mardi Gras Ball) x Julie Newmar}], 32”(range of 28-36”), M, Dor, fr, MN instant rebloom on some scapes, 6”, mixed scapes with average 4-way (2 lats+V or 1 lat +W), 20 buds (range of 13-26). Creamy yellow (sometimes ivory); merlot eye and lighter watermark; merlot edge trimmed in ivory; green throat. Edge fancier when temps are in the 80’s. Not just another eyed daylily – eye-catching because of height and the contrast between the self and the very dark eye. Large fans with strong scapes (although a few scapes have a touch of “scoliosis”). Vigorous and a good increaser. Fertile both ways.