GREATEST GIFT OF ALL     TET 27605 {Fear Not x (Senegal x JT Davis)}, 24Ē, M, Sev, EMO, fr, MN instant Re on almost all scapes (with average of 15 buds and range of 10-22), 6Ē, 3-way branching (1 lat plus V) that is top branched, 13-22 buds with average of 17 (note: itís a bud-builder, so at the beginning of the season it looks like fewer than 15 buds). Pink and yellow blend; large yellow eye; blob of pink on end of petals; yellow and gold filigree edge; olive green throat. On its fancy days, itís one of the prettiest flowers Iíve ever grown in terms of substance, look, ruffles, opening. Thick like rubber and holds all day in the sun. Good grower. Please note that at the beginning of the season (and when itís cold) it can have totally unruffled days where it looks like a different flower - an interesting pink edge/no eye look (see website). Fertile both ways.