MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST    TET 64504 {sdlg 35502 x (Filled to Overflowing x Heartbeat of Heaven)} – (note: sdlg 35502 is a super sharky purple which I hope to introduce in 2011 – it’s out of Lifting Me Higher, Fortune’s Dearest, Forbidden Desires, Tet LBB, and sib of Heartbeat of Heaven). 34”, MLa (starts blooming August 10-15 in Minnesota zone 4), Sev to Ev (but super hardy), EMO, fr, some Re (but not MN), 7”, 2-way branching, consistent 15 buds (additional lateral and more buds in the GH). Huge, tall, creamy yellow with darker yellow eye and green throat with lots of sharks and tendrils! A wonderful surprise out of all purple breeding – will be fascinating to see what its kids will look like given its genetic background. Slower increaser (doubles each year). Fertile pollen; pretty easy pod setter but most abort. Limited.