PROFOUND MYSTERY    TET 20105 Heartbeat of Heaven x [Tomorrow’s Glory/Absolute Treasure/Lifting Me Higher/Fortune’s Dearest sdlg x {(Tim Kornder x Born to Reign) x Born to Reign}], 28”, M, Dor, EMO, very very fragrant, Re (but not MN), 5” (up to 5-1/2”), 4-way branching (2 lat+V), 18 buds (range of 12-20). This is an exquisite flower that undergoes a remarkable transformation during the day. Pictured in the afternoon – see website for AM. Starts the day as rosy cranberry; cranberry etching with cranberry lavender watermark; small cranberry violet eyeliner+lav+ivory gold edge; twinkle midribs; y/gr throat. In the afternoon the petal color fades to cranberry lavender and the sepals stay the same color as in the morning, becoming a reverse bitone. Very, very distinctive and attractive. If you look at your flowers only in the morning, you’ll miss the fun and mystery of this flower. Fertile both ways. Click on this link to see one of its offspring.