SPOKEN IN PARABLES    TET 72104 {Intelligent Design x (sdlg x Desperado Love)} x [Cherry Valentine x {(Only Believe x Eyes on the Prize) x Tet Dragonís Eye}], 26Ē, M, Sev, EMO, fr, some MN instant Re in some years, 5Ē, consistent 4-way branching (2 lats plus V), 25 buds (range of 15-38). Round, recurved peach pink; soft red eye and small soft red edge; lime green throat that really pops. Consistent blooms day after day, year after year. One of the greenest throats Iíve ever seen, which makes it very distinctive. Gorgeous in a clump - see website. Holds great in the sun. Beautiful foliage all season. Fertile both ways.