CROWN OF SPLENDOR    TET 69204{ [(Way of Life x Lake Effect) x (sdlg x Tet LBB)] x [Heartbeat of Heaven x( sdlg x Tet LBB)]}, 28” (range of 28”-32”), M (to late mid), Dor, fr, Re (and instant MN rebloom on virtually all fans), 6-8” with average bloom size of 6.5” and 3.75” petals, 3-way branching with 22 buds (13+ on rebloom scapes). Pale pink lavender, faint lavender halo, large pale yellow edge, yellow to green throat. Color changes depending on temperature. Darker lavender when cool. On warmer days, from a distance it looks pale, pale pink or pale yellow because of the large yellow edge and throat (that some days can be extra large). Long bloom season (into September here). In our zone it takes a while for it to show its blooms at their best; an established plant that has been in the ground for 2 years will be really lovely and stop people in their tracks. Makes large fans (but not usually in a greenhouse setting, due to its strong dormancy). Pod fertile; pollen doesn’t look good. My breeding is focused on darker colors so I didn’t make many seeds with this. Click here to see one of its kids.