INSCRIBED ON MY HEART    TET 10205 [({[(sdlg x Wolf Eyes) x Mardi Gras Ball] x Julie Newmar}) x {Intelligent Design x [(sdlg x Druid`s Chant) x Desperado Love]}) x Julie Newmar], 26” (range of 22-31” among different clumps and years), M, Sev, fr, Re (and some instant Re in MN), 7”, 4-way (range of 3-5), 16 buds (range of 10-30). Clear ivory with pink blush, purple feathery eye and edge, green throat. Dramatic flower with great color contrast. Much admired and photographed by visitors. Hardy and a good increaser in unprotected locations here in zone 4, but not consistently robust on every clump and on every scape in every year. My guess is that this flower’s sweet spot is in zone 5 and up. Fertile both ways and a terrific parent. Click here to see pictures of its offspring.