SOLI DEO GLORIA    TET 22305 ({([{(Fortune’s Dearest x Shaka Zulu) x Rock of Salvation} x JT Davis] x Heartbeat of Heaven) x [Heartbeat of Heaven x {(Lifting Me Higher x Fortune’s Dearest) x (Forbidden Desires x Tet LBB)}]} x [{Gnashing of Teeth x (Night Town x Larry Grace)} x Rock of Salvation]), 26”, LM, Sev, easy opener, vfr, Re, 6-1/2”, 3-way (range of 2-4-way) with 20 buds. Stunning, clear velvety saturated dark purple with lighter lavender purple watermark, yellow to green throat, trimmed in white ivory which will show lots of sharks when temps are in the 80’s and up (pictured here on a cool day – see website for warm days). Thick substance; recurved. Might show spots on the first couple of blooms due to thrip, but the rest of the summer it is almost flawless on hundreds of bloom despite heavy dew. A favorite of Spring Fling participants no matter what their breeding interests for its wonderful consistency and beautiful color and form. Much admired by 2007 convention visitors and planned to be included in the upcoming Landscaping with Daylilies book. Good reports from West Virginia and North Carolina (where it was planted and grown in consistent 90-105 degree heat and drought and it bloomed with good color and remained strong). Very fertile both ways. Haven’t yet seen many kids on this one (click here to see what I’ve seen so far), but will be loads in the spring (will put them on the blog as they bloom).