VANISHING MIST    TET 2604 [(Filled to Overflowing x Way of Life) x {(Light of the World x Way of Life) x [(Regal Majesty x Clothed in Glory) x Heartbeat of Heaven]}], 36, M, Sev, fr, Re, 5.5 (range of 5-6), 5-way branching (with range of 3-5), 23 buds (range of 15-27). Cranberry grape with haunting large lavender eye; lavender edge trimmed in ivory; yellow to green throat. Sometimes the eye takes up most of the bloom. Gorgeous scapes, even on the outside of the clump and even when crowded (seems to grow outward rather than crowding inward). Fertile both ways and a wonderful parent for chalky eyes (click here to see some of them).