ARMED FOR BATTLE    TET 67004 [Way of Life x Enduring Freedom]. 6, 38 (range of 36- 40 depending on the year), 4-way branching with 2 laterals and a V, 25 buds (range of 15-30), Dor, M, instant Minnesota rebloom on almost all fans each year (resulting in a very long bloom season), fr. Medium magenta grape with gray lavender eye; gray lavender plus ivory toothy edge; yellow to green throat. EMO and CMO. Beautiful in all temps. Much darker and less of an edge in cool weather, but even prettier color then. An easy opener, even when morning temps are in the 50s (like at the national convention this year! - see picture #4, which was taken by Julie Covington). Only shows the bigger toothy edge on warm days (in the 80s). Very hardy. Fertile both ways.