CLOUD RIDER    24206 [sdlg x Kingdom Without End], where the sdlg includes Secret of Contentment, Heartbeat of Heaven, No More Tears, Darla Anita, Ed Brown, Absolute Treasure, and Tet Painted Rose. 6”, 32” (can be as short as 24” when first lined out), 3-way branching (range of 2-4 way), 15 buds (range of 10-23), Sev with lots of dormancy, M, instant MN rebloom (some each year, and on all fans in 2013), fr. Lavender bitone with yellow lavender eye; yellow ivory sharky edge on both petals and sepals; yellow to green throat. A striking flower that loves the heat and never spots. An EMO. In cold weather the color is darker and it opens well. Although a strong grower, it is not a rapid increaser (I think reblooming might tire it out, so perhaps cutting off the rebloom scapes would help). First seen outside and left for testing, so haven’t seen many kids, but I like what I’ve seen and it seems to behave as a “neutral” so the kids can go all colors. CLICK HERE to see some of its offspring. Fertile both ways.