GOSPEL TRUTH    TET 28705 [Desire of Nations x (((sdlg x Fortune’s Dearest) x Tet LBB) x Lake Effect)]. 5.5”, 32”, 4-way branching (range of 2-5), 25 buds (range of 10-35), Dor, M to LM (and often blooms into late September), some or lots of Minnesota instant rebloom depending on the year, fr. Early morning opener and gorgeous foliage all season. Magenta purple with a purple eye; purple edge trimmed in ivory; near white to olive green throat. Face ranges from very pretty to pretty boring. So why introduce this one? Because of its strong performance in terrible weather, plus it blooms its head off on a magnificent scape when almost everything else in the garden has bloomed out. Didn’t use it in hybridizing but pollen looks fine and it has fertile parents.