HIDING PLACE    TET 2708 [Be Fruitful and Multiply x (sdlg x (Entwined in the Vine x Intelligent Design))]. 5.5 (range of 5-6 depending on how recurved), 26 (range of 26-32), 3-way branching (range of 2-4 way), 15 buds (range of 12-19, and should be higher going south based on very strong greenhouse performance), Sev, M, instant MN rebloom on half with nice scapes, vfr. Pink lavender with dark neon lavender eye etched in purple cranberry; purple cranberry plus dark neon lavender plus ivory edge; green throat. It has many looks: round, triangular, solid eye, feathery eye on petals and sepals, petaloid matter; some days the look is amazing, and on other days it is just a pretty eyed daylily. Fertile both ways and an easy pod setter. Strongly recommended as a wonderful parent for hardy, intro quality flowers with lavender/bluish eyes. CLICK HERE to see some of its offspring.