LOVE NEVER FAILS    63107 [Jane Trimmer x sdlg], where the sdlg includes Light of the World, Way of Life, Lake Effect, Pirate Lady, tet LBB, Uppermost Edge, Wolf Eyes, Heartbeat of Heaven, etc. 5”, 24” (range of 22”- 26”), 3-way branching (range of 2-5 way), 15 buds (range of 9-23, and fewer when crowded), Sev, M, fr.. Lavender pink; large dark cranberry eye and edge plus inner watermark eye that is lighter cranberry pink plus cranberry feathers (color of watermark is darker near center of the petal and lighter at the edges); green throat. Performed exceptionally well in 2012 compared to others. I didn’t test its fertility but the pollen looks fine and it has fertile parents.