MINNESOTA NICE    TET 32205 [Enduring Freedom x seedling 25304] Sdlg 25304 includes Heartbeat of Heaven, (Lifting Me Higher x Fortune’s Dearest), (Forbidden Desires x Tet LBB), sib of HOH, (Pirate Lady x Tet LBB), (Uppermost Edge, Wolf Eyes, mama of Eyes on the Prize), (Regal Majesty x Clothed in Glory), Heartbeat of Heaven. 6”, 32”, 4-way branching (range of 4-6), 25 buds (range of 21-33), Dor, M, lots of Minnesota instant rebloom with 15+ buds, fr., EMO. Pink lavender bitone with lighter pink lavender sepals; small yellow lavender watermark; ivory yellow edge; cream to olive throat that overlaps with watermark. Small sharks and serrations. Makes a HUGE clump many feet across so leave lots of room! Despite the age and size of the clump, the scapes continued to be consistent in terms of branching and bud count rather than becoming crowded. See clump picture. Didn’t use it in hybridizing but the pollen looks fine and it has fertile parents. Limited supply in 2014 since most of it was used as one of the convention gift plants. More available in 2015.