SHOUT FROM THE MOUNTAINTOPS    TET 65207 [((Lifting Me Higher x Tim Kornder) x Heartbeat of Heaven) x (Enduring Freedom x Kingdom Without End)]. 6.5” (6” on rebloom), 30” (range of 30”- 33”), consistent 4-way branching with 22 buds year after year, Dor, starts between Mid and Late Midseason, reliable instant rebloom in Minnesota on most fans, EMO, CMO (even 45 degree nights and 50 degree days). Dark dusty pink; pink lavender watermark; pink lavender plus ivory edge; olive green throat. Darker when cooler (see website picture). This is one of the best overall plants I have ever produced! Dormant, great scape, reliable instant rebloom, bouquet bloomer for weeks on end, super hardy (growing on the downward slope north of the greenhouse), unfazed by bad weather of any kind, beautiful foliage, no spotting, lovely color and form, good increaser. A beautiful flower and strong plant that is a star of the August and September garden here. Haven’t tested the fertility as it has always been an outside flower (not wanting to disturb the clump while testing), but the parents are easily pod fertile and the pollen looks good.