THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY    TET 35307 (Vanishing Mist x Desire of Nations). 5.5 (5 when more recurved), 32 (range of 30- 37, depending on the year), consistent 5-way branching with 2 laterals plus a W (6-way in early years), 25 buds (range of 20-32), Sev, M, MN instant rebloom on lots of fans (also with nice 5-way branching), fr. Grape with smoky lavender eye and edge; yellow to green throat. The chalky eye sometimes covers almost all of the petal. A hardier plant than its parents when the weather is volatile like in 2012 and 2013. Not every fan in a clump produces a scape, but plenty of bloom because of the beautiful scape and rebloom. Fertile both ways and produces chalky eyes. CLICK HERE to see 3 of them.