VOICE OF MANY WATERS    TET 25105 [Mildred Mitchell × (((Pirate Lady x Tet Lavender Blue Baby) x ((Uppermost Edge x sdlg) x (sdlg x Wolf Eyes))) x ((Regal Majesty x Clothed in Glory) x Heartbeat of Heaven))]. 5.5”, 36” (range of 32”- 36”), 4-way branching (range of 3-5 way, and in summer of 2013 all line-outs were 5-way), 30 buds (range of 20-37), Dor, M, no Minnesota rebloom, fr. Cranberry grape with lavender grape eye; lavender grape edge trimmed in ivory; olive to green throat that threads into the watermark. White twinkle midribs. Some years the form is rounder, and other years more triangular. Beautiful scape and lots of buds makes for a good bloom length. Some years it is really really pretty and worthy of its wonderful name. In cold 2013 the name was better than the flower face. As you can see, it has a range of looks (the first picture is the average of 2013 – the others are from previous years). Haven’t used it in hybridizing but the pollen looks fine and it has fertile parents.