CHILD OF BETHLEHEM   TET 32005 [sdlg x Kingdom Without End], where the sdlg is (Heartbeat of Heaven x Lake Effect) x ({Regal Majesty x Clothed in Glory} x Heartbeat of Heaven). 5”-5.5”on initial scapes (dropping to 4.5” on rebloom toward the end of the season and when dry), 24” (plus flower), 3-way (range of 2-5), 14 buds (range of 8-22), reliable Minnesota instant rebloom on almost all fans every year, blooms between mid and late mid-season, Dor. Cranberry grape, lavender eye, ivory white sharky edge, yellow to green throat. Rebloom starts when the first scape is about half-way done, and the scape on rebloom is better than the original bloom scape – so despite only 14 buds on the initial scapes, you get a lot of bloom on the plant. Beautiful color. Best at front of the border. Keep well-watered, or else the tips of the foliage will brown toward the end of the season. Pod fertile. I didn’t try the pollen since it is white. Most plants will be shipped from the outside due to its dormancy.