FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA   TET 17309 [(Not Guilty x Faith That Moves Mountains) x Desire of Nations]. 6, 32 (36 to top of flower) 5-way (range of 3-7), 27 buds (range of 15-39), some Minnesota instant rebloom, M, super hardy evergreen that performed superbly in our malaise of 2012 (Note: Ev foliage habit noted in the greenhouse not sure about outside, where it could be a Sev). Clear merlot with a dark lavender eye and edge; green throat. Interesting and distinctive. Please note that this flower can look totally different from day to day as you can see in the pictures above, and it has not been easy for me to photograph. I love all of its different looks from regal to kind of spooky to a complete reversal of the petal and eye colors. The changes are sometimes weather-related, but sometimes not, and unpredictable. Fertile both ways and it has made some beautiful kids Click Here for examples.