GUARD YOUR HEART   TET 59009 [Seven Seals x sdlg] where the sdlg is out of blue-eyed 17305 and (Entwined in the Vine x Intelligent Design). Pink cranberry; grape plus lavender eye and edge plus ivory; olive green throat with red feathers. 5-3/4, 32 plus flower (this is its mature height it is a bit shorter in the early years after planting), 4-way (normal range of 3-5 way, but 2-way in the center when crowded), 20+ buds (range of 13-33), instant Minnesota rebloom on some or most depending on the year, LM, Sev. A rapid increaser, great foliage, lots of bloom, consistent flowers, a great performer year in and year out. A star of the late garden, blooming into early September here. Color will vary some in the sun and it is often a bi-tone. Very fertile both ways. Strong genetics in the background, so excited to see what the kids will look like.