JOY CAME DOWN   TET 32909 [(Repeat the Sounding Joy x Kingdom Without End) x sdlg 17106], where sdlg 17106 includes Chance Encounter, Shaka Zulu, Heartbeat of Heaven, Chariot of Clouds and a bunch of bold eyes. 6, 30 (range of 27-34) plus flower, 5-way (range of 3-6 way), 20 buds (range of 13-27), lots of Minnesota instant rebloom, M, Sev. Pink cranberry (and sometimes a bitone), lavender pink eye, lavender pink plus ivory edge, yellow to green throat. A strong performer (except in 2012 malaise year, but came back very strong the next year) and a good increaser. Will fade some days in the intense sun, so might not be as pretty every day as pictured in the south with its relentless sun. Fertile both ways. Click Here to see one of its kids.