LIVE IN THE LIGHT   TET 1406 [Peace Beyond Understanding x seedling], where the sdlg was a pink coral color and included Chance Encounter, Larry Grace , Reason for Treason, Ed Brown, Tim Kornder, and Joan Derifield. 5.5”, 32” (plus bloom), consistent 4-5 way branching, 20 buds (range of 13-30), very very fragrant, no Minnesota rebloom, EM, Sev with lots of dormancy. Creamy yellow, darker yellow eye, green throat. In most years the flowers are beautifully sculptured early in the season and are quite eye-catching, but in the last half of the bloom season they are usually quite boring except for some pretty ruffling on a petal or two in the throat area. No idea on its fertility (not used in breeding since yellows aren’t as much fun for me to work with as the roses and purples, although I love them in the garden :-)), but its parents are easily fertile and the pollen looks good.