ROYAL INVITATION   TET 25805 [sdlg x Kingdom Without End], where the sdlg is (Heartbeat of Heaven x Lake Effect) x ({Regal Majesty x Clothed in Glory} x Heartbeat of Heaven). 6.5”, 22” plus flower (range of 18-26”, depending on the year), 4-way branching (range of 2-6 way), 15 buds (range of 10-22), instant MN rebloom (lots when ample moisture, and less when crowded) and sometimes reblooms twice, blooms between M and LM, Dor. Dark lavender bitone, gray lavender eye, ivory sharky edge on both petals and sepals, yellow to green throat. Gorgeous color that holds great in the sun. Color varies, depending on the temperature the day before. Super hardy. Front of the border plant, with flowers floating over the foliage. Despite the large flower size relative to its height, the overall plant looks great, and I have loved the unique color of these blooms ever since I first laid eyes on them. Fertile both ways. Click here to see one of its kids – I haven’t used it much since it is too dormant to keep in the greenhouse, which is where I do my breeding.