UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER   TET 1708 [sdlg x sdlg], where the first seedling is pink and includes things like Shores of Time, Chance Encounter, Shaka Zulu, Heartbeat of Heaven, Chariot of Clouds and a bunch of bold eyes. The second seedling is out of chalky lavender eye breeding. 6, 30 (plus flower), 4-way branching (range of 3- 6 way), 15 buds (range of 10-24), instant Minnesota rebloom on almost all fans and some years there is another set of rebloom scapes, M, very hardy (evergreen in the greenhouse best guess is Sev outside in MN, fr. Does fine in zone 4, but zone 5 and up should be its sweet spot. Dark pink with pale pink eye; pale pink plus ivory ruffled edge; chartreuse throat. Fertile both ways and a wonderful parent for rich pink colors Click Here to see pictures of some of its offspring.