Crying In The Widerness

Crying In The Widerness


TET 45208 [Skin of My Teeth x (Entwined in the Vine x sdlg)] where the seedling includes Tet LBB, Heartbeat of Heaven, Regal Majesty, Eyes on the Prize and Clothed in Glory. 6, 24 (range of 20-28; can be 20 in first year of planting or in poor location), 3-way (range of 3-4), 15 buds (range of 12-23, and average can be lower in a poor location), Dor, M to ML, Re (but not MN), fr,

A good opener here, but not recommended if your nights are typically in the 50s. Merlot; lavender purple eye; ivory toothy edge on petals and sepals; green throat. Beautiful clear color. Pictured on its best day, but always toothy see additional website pics. Fertile both ways and a great parent! I never tried it with patterned things since I had forgotten it was out of Entwined in the Vine, so will correct that in 2017

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