Hold Me Close

Hold Me CLose


TET 20310 (Hiding Place x All Things to All Men) 5.5(range of 5-6 and consistently 6 in GH), 28 (range of 24-30; 24 when newly planted), 5-way branching (range of 3-6 way), average of 30 buds over the years (range of 18-41; 25 average on a newer plant; 34 average on an established plant, some MN instant Re some years with blooms into September, M, Sev, fr. Good opener outside (but slow opener early in the season in the GH in case that is where you are growing yours).

Dark lavender pink; violet etched band and neon lavender watermark; violet plus lavender plus ivory plus silver edge; green throat. Nice foliage. Fertile both ways