Let The Sea Resound

Let The Sea Resound


TET 17010 (sdlg 13107 x Desire of Nations), where the sdlg = Repeat the Sounding Joy x blue-eyed 17305. 6, 32, 4-way in a normal year and a bit crowded (range of 2-5 way) but 6-way summer of 2016 with a zone 5 winter on a 2 year plant, 20 buds in a normal year (range of 10-30) but 35with a zone 5 winter, Sev, ML (starts near end of M), no Re in MN but heavy instant Re in GH, CMO, EMO, fr.

Cranberry violet (with a slight reverse bitone);chalky lavender eye; chalky lavender edge plus ivory filigree; green throat. Consistently nice blooms with no spots. Super hardy. Easily fertile both ways. A wonderful parent!

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