Lily Among Thorns

Lily Among Thorns


TET 14910 {[(Entwined in the Vine x Intelligent Design) x (Inscribed on My Heart x Entwined in the Vine)] x All Things to All Men} 7” (often 7.5”), 28” (range of 24-30”), 4+ way branching (range of 3-7; less when crowded), 20 buds (range of 13-31; less when crowded), EMO, CMO, ML, Sev, MN instant Re on some scapes in some years (on all scapes in GH), fr. Lavender pink;

A cranberry grape plus dark lavender eye; cranberry grape plus dark lavender edge plus ivory sharks on both petals and sepals; chartreuse throat. I LOVE this gorgeous flower. Easily fertile both ways. Click here to see a picture of one of its kids. I didn’t use it much since I don’t have many things that are similar to it. Will correct that in 2017, including putting it with my toothy purples

Click here to a picture of a kid.