Vision Of Things To Come

Vision Of Things To Come


(intro from 2015) TET 46707 (Repeat the Sounding Joy x Chariot of Clouds) 6", 25", 4-way (range of 3-5) in normal years here in zone 4 but it was 5-6 way summer of 2016, 15 buds here normally and when crowded (range of 11-26) but 25 here summer of 2016, lots of MN instant Re (and in 2016 there were 3 scapes on most fans - wow!), M to ML, Sev, fr.

Cranberry with darker cranberry eye, ivory edge, yellow to green throat. Based on the excellent feedback and pictures I received from New Hampshire, Kentucky, Iowa and Nebraska, plus many people urging me to offer it for sale, plus performance here this summer in different locations from where it was originally tested (previously near moisture sucking arborvitae that were also full of spider mites), I decided to offer it for sale. First picture taken by Theresa Maris in Kentucky, where it consistently had this wonderful dark color and gaudy edge. It has never looked quite like this for me in Minnesota, although it came close during the summer of 2016 with our warm zone 5 winter and summer. See other pics. Good parent and fertile both ways

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