Shake, Rattle And Roll

Shake Rattle And Roll


TET 20110 (Entwined in the Vine x sdlg) x {Repeat the Sounding Joy x sdlg) x All Things to All Men}. 5" (sometimes larger), 24" (range of 20-24"; some years 22"), 3-way branching (range of 2-4 way), 12 buds (range of 10-17), ML, Dor, rebloom (but not MN), fr. Soft lavender pink; patterned eye with mix of grape and lavender and ivory; triple edge of purple and dark lavender and ivory yellow; green throat.
Fascinating patterns in the greenhouse (pictures 4-7 above), and outside in Cleveland (picture 1). Hardy and increases rapidly. Easy pollen parent, but not a super easy pod parent and pods don't have many seeds. A TERRIBLE garden plant in Minnesota: slow to open, wiry scape, low budcount, and doesn't always pattern. Because of its weaknesses, I haven't used it as much as I probably should have. It is a very interesting parent. Paul Lewis (Cleveland) got it spring 2016 and reports: "It is slow to open but worth the wait. A bridge plant, but I believe it will be a huge stepping stone toward some really cool patterns." It is available only as a gift to hybridizers with a $300 purchase of anything from the catalog - or you are welcome to request Prophetic Voice, Trials of Job, or Gathering of Nations. This plant is for personal use only and you must promise on your order form not to re-sell or gift any of it. (Note: I have a good supply, so might consider selling it separately if there is any left after gifting, but the same stipulations would apply about no re-sale or gifting).